About our "Stackable" racks

The past, present and future of audio isolation!

This design has remained unchanged since the first units were sold back in 2001. Many of our customers have been happy to find out that over five years later they can still add more shelves to their existing rack, and everything looks the same and fits perfectly.

Many other companies have come and gone in that time or made improvements that make the old stuff obsolete. Not so with our 45-Series racks. It's far from becoming a boat anchor, and it's nice to know that it's so strong and heavy, that you could actually anchor your boat to it!

1-level Price: $800.00 Special offer $600.00
2-level Price: $1600.00 Special offer $1200.00
3-level Price: $2400.00 Special offer $1800.00
4-level Price: $3200.00 Special offer $2400.00
5-level Price: $4000.00 Special offer $3000.00
6-level Price: $4800.00 Special offer $3600.00

Your choice of black or silver columns
Upgrade your platform with cherry trim. $75.00 each for the 18x18 and $150.00 each for the 19x24.
Solid brass floor cones are included.

Customize your rack with our Do it Yourself rack building parts.

Granite is well-known for its ability to maintain precision flatness and has sufficient mass to naturaly resist motion, not to mention its stunning beauty. Natural stone however, will ring like a tuning fork unless certain measures are taken.

We combine the granite slab with a sheet of medium density fiberboard (MDF) which has excellent anti-resonant properties (that is why MDF is widely used in the manufacturing of speaker enclosures). The bonding is achieved through the use of our proprietary anti-resonant conduction material. Our secret is is in the way energy is transmitted back and forth between the different materials. The material mis-match is deliberate and well executed. Next, we calculate the best points in which to support the slab such that it tries to oscillate outside of the stones natural resonant frequency thus affecting its ability to "ring". The granite is essentialy coupled through the supporting frame and on to the floor. The result is a "rock solid" and quiet platform for your components. You'll here the true timbre of the music with no added coloration.

The standard platform size is 18 x 18 inches. This size works well with most components so long as the feet will land within an 18 x 18 inch square. Many of the larger components can actually fit on this size. A larger 19x24 ($150.00 upcharge)platform is also available if needed.

The shelf support-frame utilizes heavy-gauge steel tubing fully welded at the center point to increase torsional stiffness. We call this the "X-Frame". The attachment plates are fabricated from 1/4 inch steel plate. Steel, like granite, rings like a bell unless it is properly damped, so the weight of the granite rests at points that interfere with the linear resonance of the tube. When filled with sand (or lead shot), the frame becomes about as sonic as "a stick in the mud" yet it continues to couple energy toward the floor. Leveling is provided by a 1/4-20 conical set screw and jam nut at each leg of the support frame.

The X-frames are available in your choice a black, silver or gold at no extra charge.


The support columns, extruded from aluminum, feature full length T-slots or channels. These slots provide attachment points along the entire length of the strut through the use of a special nut called a T-nut. This design has been used for many years now in the construction of industrial furniture and machinery frames. It is strong and versatile.

The support columns are available in the following lengths: 6", 9.5" and 12". All are the same price and you may "mix-n-match" as you choose. The 6" columns are recommend for the bottom level however they may be used for upper levels if they only need to clear a short component like a preamp. The 9.5" is for most applications. The 12" is for use over a tall component like a large poweramp.

The price of the rack includes silver or black columns. The rack comes with finishing plain top caps on the upper level. If you want "stackable" caps on top you can for an extra $25.00


Floor contact may be made in several ways. The cost of the rack includes a set of large solid brass floor cones. The base of each support column features industry standard 1/4-20 threads. A range of aftermarket feet may be installed.

The brass cones may be substituted for leveling pads or "glides" at no extra charge. Optionally, we can provide 1/2" or 12mm threads at the base of the columns for an additional charge. We also offer heavy-duty (1000 pound) casters. They have 1/2" threads and cost $100.00 per set of four.



Shipping weight 162 lbs. (4-shelf version)

Load capacity: 300 pounds per level

Overall Dimensions: Width 24.5", Depth 24.5", height 36" (other heights available)

Platform size: Standard= 18"x18", Optional= 19"x24"

Shelf spacing: Infinite adjustment

10 day money back. Shipping charges are non-refundable.