"45" series

Signature Series Audio Racks

This design has remained unchanged since the first units were sold back in 2001. Many of our customers have been happy to find out that over five years later they can still add more shelves to their existing rack, and everything looks the same and fits perfectly.

Many other companies have come and gone in that time or made improvements that make the old stuff obsolete. Not so with our 45-Series racks. It's far from becomming a boat anchor, and it's nice to know that it's so strong and heavy, that you could actually anchor your boat to it!

UPS shippable!

List Price: $5150.00 (as shown)

Solid brass floor cones are included.

Design your own rack rack with our Do it Yourself rack building parts.

Our famous Multi-Element Granite Platforms:

The approach is simple and well executed. With just three basic material layers it is easy for us to optimize the performance and eliminate the "muddy" effect that occurs when too many layers are used in a constrained layer system. After all, if you need more than three layers, then you're probably doing something wrong in the first place.

Independent of component weight - whether it's a massive 300 pound amplifier, or a sensitive phono stage, the results are satisfying and predictable! Plus, they are tolerant to a wide range of after-market coupling devices - allowing you to "tweak" your system any way you like it.

Learn more about our Multi-Element Platforms.

The Frame Assembly:

Since aluminum is used for the vertical columns, we use ferrous metal for the horizontal beams. Rack frames made entirely of aluminum exhibit a phenomena we refer to as "cage effect". This is caused when vibration energy loops around the rack frame and feeds back into itself. Since this is caused by vibration along the longitudinal axis, simply applying a damping material to the surface won't eliminate the problem.

Try this simple experiment: Take an aluminum extension ladder and drop it on the ground. The loud clang sound you here is an example of this phenomena which is inherent in the sonic signature of rack frames made entirely of aluminum.

The solution is obvious. We simply use a material for the cross beams that has different properties than that of the columns. Adona rack frames are among the quietest in the industry.

The Subframe:

The shelf support-frame utilizes heavy-gauge steel tubing fully welded at the center point to increase torsional stiffness. The attachment plates are fabricated from 1/4 inch steel plate. Steel, like granite, rings like a bell unless it is properly damped, so the weight of the granite rests at points that interfere with the linear resonance of the tube. When filled with sand (or lead shot), the frame becomes about as sonic as "a stick in the mud" yet it continues to couple energy toward the floor. Leveling is provided by a 1/4-20 conical set screw and jam nut at each leg of the support frame.

The Columns:

These 45 mm square columns weigh in at nearly a pound and a half per linear foot. They are much stronger than similar-appearing columns used on our competitors products and also use larger fasteners. The precision extruded aluminum columns, borrowed from other industries, are typically used in the manufacture of machinery frames. Aluminum is a good choice for audio racks since it transmits vibration energy quite well down it's longitudinal axis, where it is easily drained by your floor.

The Capitals

Commonly referred to as "end caps" on most racks, these precision machined units serve several functions on the Adona rack. Obviously they add a "finishing touch" to the top of the column, but more importunately they provide a means of coupling (or decoupling) and allow platforms or additional rack layers to be placed above the columns.

The Footers:

The primary function of spiking is to focus the weight of the rack onto an infinitely small surface area, although some floor finishes make the use of such devices impractical. Therefore, we offer optional floor discs, as well as glides and casters.

The following components were used to build the rack as pictured:

- Qty 8 standard X-frames.

- Qty 1 Bridge X-frame.

- Qty 6 standard 18x18 platforms.

- Qty 4 19x24 oversize platforms.

- Qty 18 6" columns.

- Qty 8 12" columns.

- Qty 7 sets of cones

- Upcharge for cherry platform bases -$75.00 per standard platform -$100.00 per 19 x 24 platform.

Total parts cost for rack as pictured: $5150.00

Special bundle price: $4700.00


Shipping weight 390 lbs. (version as shown)

Load capacity: 300 pounds per shelf

Overall Dimensions: Width 92", Depth 24", height 24" (other heights available)

Maximum component size, satelite racks: Lower shelves: 19.5" wide, 24" deep

Maximum component size, TV platform: 48" wide, 19" deep (larger 72x19 also available)

Maximum component size, center-channel speaker: 44" wide, 19" deep

Shelf spacing: Infinitely adjustable