Customer Photos

AV45 G7 Double Width with 2 19x24 inch platforms

AV45 DW 6 with oversized platform

4 Double width with four over-sized platforms

4 DW with an extra over-sized platform and level

AV45 CS6 Double-Width with an over-sized platform and extra shelf

4 DW with over-sized platforms

AV45DW 7 with two over-sized platforms

AV45 G DW in black with 2 19 by 24 inch plaforms

DW6 with gold x-frames

A stackable CS3 joined to a 45G making a double width in stackable and one piece columns

AV45 GDW 6 in black with gold x-frames

4 DW in gold. Sorry gold is no longer available.

Monster DW 4

This is a AV45CSDW6 with an extra over-sized platform with two amp stands with 12 inch columns

An AV45 CS 2 with Amp Stand joined together

Double Width 4

A CS6 Double-Width with one over-sized platform

Double Width 4 Rack with Tv

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