"Monster" series

Signature Series Audio Racks

List Price: $1800.00 (as shown, 3 levels with multi-element, cherry-trimmed platforms)

Also available, as shown but with black-trimmed platforms : $1575.00 list

Matching amp stand: 19 x 24 platform with cherry trim $675.00 list

Our famous Multi-Element Granite Platforms:

The approach is simple and well executed. With just three basic material layers it is easy for us to optimize the performance and eliminate the "muddy" effect that occurs when too many layers are used in a constrained layer system. After all, if you need more than three layers, then you're probably doing something wrong in the first place.

Independent of component weight - whether it's a massive 300 pound amplifier, or a sensitive phono stage, the results are satisfying and predictable! Plus, they are tolerant to a wide range of after-market coupling devices - allowing you to "tweak" your system any way you like it.

Learn more about our Multi-Element Platforms.

The Frame Assembly:

The simple, clean design of this rack frame is based on just two basic components: the cross-beam and the column. Much like a childs erector set, these universal components allow you to design and build a rack having virtually any configuration you can imagine. And better yet, if your needs change, just tear it apart and start over.

We offer these racks two ways: Complete turn-key rack packages , or as mix-n-match component sets. Just send us a sketch or a written description of you requirements and will provide you with all the materials needed to build your "custom" rack. We stock the aluminum beams and columns in 16 foot lengths. For a small additional charge we will cut them to any length, machine the ends, and pre-install the connector assemblies.

The Sub-frame

Extruded aluminum cross-beams, machined ends with pre-installed connector assemblies. A universal T-slot runs along the top edge, making it easy to intall after-market coupling and wire-management devices.

The Connectors:

The patented, connectors make assembly a snap! The entire rack may be assembled using just one simple allen wrench. Rotating the socket-head screw causes the T-bar to retract, thus locking the cross-beam to the column.

The Columns:

The massive three inch diameter columns weigh-in at over two pounds per linear foot, nearly three times the mass of columns used with our competitors products!

The Capitals

Commonly referred to as "end caps" on most racks, these precision machined units serve several functions on the Adona rack. Obviously they add a "finishing touch" to the top of the column, but more importunately they provide a means of coupling (or decoupling) and allow platforms or additional rack layers to be placed above the columns.

The Footers:

The primary function of spiking is to focus the weight of the rack onto an infinitely small surface area, although some floor finishes make the use of such devices impractical. Therefore, we offer optional floor discs, as well as glides and casters.


Shipping weight 135 lbs. (3-shelf version)

Load capacity: 200 pounds per shelf

Overall Dimensions: Width 25.25", Depth 20.25", height 37" (other heights available)

Platform size: Includes two Standard 18"x18" and one oversize 19"x24"

Maximum component size: Lower shelves: 19.5" wide

Maximum component size: Turntable top shelf: 24" wide, 19" deep

Shelf spacing: Infinitely adjustable